Workshop: Gremlins on Docker

Спікер(-и) події Nikolaj Tolkačiov
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We invite you to the Workshop: Gremlins on Docker.

The workshop will take place on July 30th, 2022. Start at 11:00 (GMT+3).

What can be better than writing scripts for test automation? Maybe automated testing where you don't need to write any script? Fuzz testing can be a valuable supplement for your test automation. During this workshop, we will dive into a fuzz testing world where randomly generated actions are executed in a browser while visiting a web page. With a bit of luck, we will make that web page encounter an unexpected error, collect logs, and display it in a user-friendly fashion.

It can add additional coverage for your test automation by randomly executing interactions on the web application under test.

This workshop will cover an introduction and hands-on with:

· Docker

· Gremlin (fuzz testing for web-page framework)

· Elastic stack (ELK stack)

· Kibana interface

· Playwright running in Docker container

You will need to have a computer/laptop, and no previous experience with any of the tools above is necessary!

Theoretical knowledge that you will gain:

  • What is fuzz testing, and how to use it for web applications?
  • What are containers, and how do they work?
  • What is Elastic stack, and how to use it?

Practical skills that you will gain after the webinar:

  • Basics of how to use Docker;
  • Running test automation framework in container;
  • Sending logs to Elastic stack;
  • How to use fuzz testing framework on web application to get application error logs.

Practical cases that are going to be executed during the workshop:

Perform automated random interactions on a web application to try and encounter cases when the application does not work as expected and crash.

Tools that you will learn how to use:

· Docker

· Gremlin (fuzz testing for web-page framework)

· Elastic stack (ELK stack)

· Playwright

Who will be interested:

Technical test engineers (some experience with test automation tools is required).

What tools participants need to download before the webinar:


Nikolaj Tolkačiov (Lithuania)

“Because I am lazy and easily bored, I usually automate everything I can. If I need to do something twice, that is a good indication that something is off. My automation experience suite includes mobile, gherkin, web, C#, Java, JavaScript, C++, Ruby, and multiple frameworks. I do coding and “DevOps'ing” too because I gain most of the value not deep-diving into a single framework or discipline, but generalizing in the whole spectrum of software engineering. This generalist point of view allows me to see issues from different perspectives and think of more ways to solve problems”.

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