Webinar: Hands On Using VADER, a Rest API Test Heuristic

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We invite you to the free Webinar: Hands On Using VADER, a Rest API Test Heuristic.

In this lecture, Julio is going to show how to apply a Test Heuristic used to do Exploratory Tests on Rest APIs. The idea is to go through all the 5 principles and demonstrate how an Exploratory Session would be when using the heuristic: Verbs, Authorization, Data, Errors and Responsiveness are going to be exercised and the audience will be able to ask questions during the session. You will be invited to reproduce all the actions on your laptop during the event, so be prepared for a real hands on session. Come to this session and learn more about how to explore a Rest API.

Rest API Exploratory Testing could be an uninstructed work without using a Test Heuristic. After the lecture, the audience will be able to structure this activity. Then, they will be able to be more effective while save time.

Theoretical knowledge that you will gain:

Principles used to create a Rest API being used to test it.

Practical skills that you will gain after the webinar:

Apply the Test Heuristic during an Exploratory Testing Session.

Tools that you will get acquainted with:


Who will be interested:

QAs, Testers, and Developers.

The minimum level of knowledge that a listener should have:

Listeners should know what Rest API is.

What tools participants need to download before the webinar:



Julio de Lima (USA)

  • Julio is a Principal QA Engineer working for a big consultancy company called Capco.
  • He has a bachelor degree in Software Engineering and a masters in Electrical and Computational Engineering.
  • He is an international speaker, having spoke in conferences such as STAREast, Selenium Conference, and QA Global Summit.
  • He is also a thought leader for the Brazilian software testing community, having 18k+ subscribers on his Youtube channel, 10k+ on his Instagram and 8k+ students enrolled in his software testing trainings.
  • Currently living and working in the US.

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