Webinar: Building a culture of chaos

Спікер(-и) події Steve Upton
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We invite you to the free Webinar: Building a culture of chaos.

The webinar will take place on September 13th, 2022. Start at 19:30 (GMT+3).

Chaos engineering, popularized by Netflix, is an approach to building scalable, resilient microservices systems through destructive experiments, but what other impacts does it have? How can adopting chaos engineering change organizational culture? This talk explores the parallels between modern distributed architectures and the unpredictable challenges of the modern world, and how approaches like chaos engineering help organizations deal with both.

Chaos engineering is a powerful approach for building resilience in distributed, microservice systems. This talk explores how that works and how this approach benefits organizations as whole.


1. The history and principles of Chaos Engineering

2. Introduction to Complex Adaptive Systems theory

3. Properties and behaviour of Complex Adaptive Systems

4. Approaches for working with Complex Adaptive Systems

5. How to change culture

6. Chaos and complex experiment design

7. Applying Chaos Engineering principles to complex problems

Theoretical knowledge that you will gain:

  • An understanding of Chaos Engineering principles
  • An understanding of Complex Adaptive Systems theory

Practical skills that you will gain after the webinar:

  • Skills needed to design and implement chaos experiments

Tools that you will learn how to use:

  • Chaos Monkey

Who will be interested:

  • People working in software teams


Steve Upton (Germany)

  • Steve is a Quality Analyst at Thoughtworks who works to build empowered teams, capable of delivering and taking ownership of quality.
  • He has worked on a wide variety of products, from mainframes to microservices and has a particular interest in complex socio-technical systems and how we work with them.
  • He is passionate about complexity theory, building quality into culture and testing as part of continuous delivery in modern, distributed architectures. Outside of work, Steve enjoys travel and mountains.

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