Course: English for BA

Викладач(-і) курсу
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The course consists of 36 classes.
The duration of 1 lesson is 90 minutes.
Number of participants in the group: 16.
Required level of English to participate: B1 and higher.

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Course “English for BA” is designed for Business Analysts who want to adapt to the requirements of IT companies as quickly as possible.

Course purpose:

Prepare Business Analysts for professional duties that require proficiency in English, master the necessary grammatical aspects and terminology for working with documentation, as well as learn the basics of professional communication in English.

The course program is based on:

- on the materials of BABOK,

BABOK is a guide about business analysis, issued by the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA), attempting to reflect current best practice and to provide a framework that describes the areas of knowledge, with associated activities and tasks and techniques required, from the International Institute of Business Analysis.

- on real practices of Business Analysts in IT companies,

- on experience in working with BA to improve language, training BA specialists to conduct interviews with potential clients.

During the course, students will improve their Professional knowledge in the BA area using Professional English language. This course is developed based on world standards such as BABOK, etc.
The main goal is to learn professional subject while improving English level.

We will also consider:

• grammatical aspects: Tenses, Voices, Modal Verbs, Participles, etc.

• stylistic aspects of technical documentation: Tense Usage, Active Voice vs Passive, etc.

• templates for writing such parts of documents as introduction, purpose, summary, etc.

• professional communication (e-mail writing, conference calls, meetings, presentations).

Each lesson on the course will include:

  • consideration of a professional topic,
  • key vocabulary,
  • listening&video watching,
  • speaking,
  • reading,
  • writing,
  • grammar,
  • games,
  • assessment tests and not only.